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Driving to GTG At the GTG After GTG

May 19-22, 2011 - At Rowdies GTG



What to do with a used oil filter:




08:00 Breakfast at Rowdie's....Isthisdave was the chef

12:00 Snacks and drinks
13:00 Horseshoe Tournament(?)

15:00 Voting on cars begins....drinking continued....

16:00 Light the BBQ....drinking continued

19:00 Tally the votes...........hand out door prizes; drinking continued

21:00 Light the bonfire, await the Rapture; drinking continued


from left to right: NascarFan nobby Abiby mrelbe isthisdave Dave(Abiby's brother) JeffinOKC Juan(Jeff's friend) Pat(bettybenz's friend) rowdie bettybenz SoonerCPA TopNob Gerkebi

where Pat & I thought the GTG was when we got to Oklahoma...


10:00 Morning cruise to brunch at Cracker Barrel in Joplin, MO; We missed the deadly Tornado by about two hours.

Video of parade to Brunch

******* Brunch cruise generously sponsored by member HalNineThousand ******