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Day 7 - May 22

Driving to GTG At the GTG After GTG

May 23 - June 4, 2011 - After Rowdies GTG

Monday, May 23

Driving through Oklahoma on old Route 66 to Texas and to  Santa Rosa, NM

We outran the bad Rain and Tornados all the way through Oklahoma. Then it was hot

Tuesday, May 24

Driving through New Mexico to Flagstaff, AZ

A pit stop in Arizona

We visited the Meteor Crater site

We still had our humor after a long drive

Wednesday, May 25

Driving through Arizona to the Grand Canyon

Hoover Dam, to Las Vegas, NV

Thursday, May 26

All day in Las Vegas

Friday, May 27

Driving through Nevada to California to Mercedes Classic Center and over night at ScottinSoCal.

Saturday, May 28

Driving through California to San Francisco with scenic stop near Monterey.

Sunday, May 29

Driving the Pacific Highway through California to Redding CA

Monday, May 30

Driving to Wells, NV

at Redding, CA

Tuesday, May 31

Driving to Cody, WY via Yellowstone Park

Wednesday, June 1

Driving through Wyoming to Mount Rushmore, the Badlands, to Kadoka, SD

Thursday, June 2

Driving through South Dakota, Minnesota, to Green Bay, WI

Friday, June 3

Driving through Minnesota, Michigan, to overnight at Rockcrushers

Saturday, June 4

Driving through Michigan, Ontario; stopping at Fleetwood Auto Show and home to Stouffville and Barrie, ON

Tom ( Rockcrusher ) joined the convoi

The bug collection