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North Wales, PA and Great Barrington, MA GTG 2013

Link to the original Benzworld thread

Dates are Aug 23 - 27, 2013

We are driving to Chad's GTG extravaganza in North Wales, PA and then on to Pete's in Great Barrington, MA

Friday Aug 23 - to North Wales
06:30 - meet up with Nobby and MrElbe at YYZ Airport Timmies for strengthening with coffee.
09:00 - meet for breakfast with Macbook at Lakes Effect Diner in Buffalo NY

Saturday Aug 24 - at Chad's
Sunday Aug 25 - to Great Barrington, MA
Monday Aug 26 - at Pete's
Tuesday Aug 27 - back to the north country

Approximate route - ~ 2000 km


at the Diner parking lot in Buffalo

at Chad's place

at Pete's place

more pictures at the original Benzworld thread