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Great Barrington, MA GTG 2017

We were originally planning to attend the Great Barrington, MA car show in Pete's honour but the show was cancelled due to traffic re-routing logistics. But that did not deter us to have a GTG with friends.

Thursday Aug. 3, 2017
06:00 - Nobby and MrElbe at 400 soutbound Service Center.
07:45 - Stop at Grimsby Timmies for strengthening with coffee.
08:50 - met for breakfast with Macbook at Cracker Barrel in Buffalo NY
16:30 - arrived in Great Barrington and held a tail gate party in the 4 Brothers parking lot.

Stayed overnight at Chief's and left for home around 10:00 via scenic drive through the Catskills. Nice and sunny at first but then a few torrential down pours.
Arrived home at 23:15

Approximate route - ~ 1000 km

Our Route


Breakfast in Buffalo

At Great Barrington

At Chief's

Ferocious guardian of the castle

Mmmmm, Anchovies

Coffee and Cookie in the Catskills